Plugging in, again

I’ve been out of the work loop for several days and, consequently, this blog. I am looking forward to catching up and plugging in again to our work together.

Speaking of plugging in, I’m plugging into the interweb again, having been (mostly) away from e-mail, social media, and cell phone service. Not surprisingly, that took some getting used to. At times, it made me restless and (more!) impatient; I imagined I was missing out on something and even wasting time. I realized that just sitting or being with all that was enough; I breathed and watched patiently.

As I look ahead to tomorrow, I wanted to share with you links to some of the measurement instruments that are mentioned in the paper by Yamada and Victor (2012). I look forward to reconnecting with everyone this week.

Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory

Self-Compassion Scale

Rumination-Reflection Questionnaire

Perceived Stress Scale

State Trait Anxiety Inventory: Google “State Trait Anxiety Inventory form”

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